Instructional videos on how to wash and use Palesa Pads


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Directions for use

Step 1: Wrap the pad around the panty with the plain side against your body.
Step 2: Snap closed and wear for up to 8 hours, depending on flow.
Step 3: Remove soiled pad, fold and close, then take home to wash.

Hand washing Instructions

Step 1: Soak the pad with the soiled side down in cold soapy water, for at least 1 hour Remove pads and discard dirty water in the toilet.
Step 2: Rub with laundry soap to remove any small marks and wash thoroughly.
Step 3: Soak again in clean cold water, with two teaspoons of white spirit vinegar, for at least an hour and rinse under running water.
Step 4: Hang up to dry, near an open window.

Machine washing Instructions

Step 1: Pre-soaking of pads is recommended. Place soiled pad into a mesh laundry bag separate from other laundry and into the washing machine.
Step 2: Use washing powder as normal, but use white spirit vinegar instead of fabric softner. Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle.
If there are and marks after washing, soak pads again or rub with laundry soap.
Step 3: Hang up to dry, out of direct sunlight or lay face down on a clean towel to dry, near an open window.