Corporate Sponsors

Are you a corporate sponsor?

As a value-added service, for large orders, Palesa Pads will deliver the pads to the school or charity being sponsored and in conjunction with this, create a special activation event for the group.

The activation event is one hour long and consists of uplifting entertainment in the form of singing and dancing plus an educational menstrual health talk and a demonstration on how to use and wash Palesa Pads. We also take photos and post them on social media to promote your sponsorship.

The table below outlines how our free service options work.


For smaller groups

An activation fee of R5,000 incl.vat per event is applicable.
Delivery is charged as per transporter's rate.
Team travel is charged at R4,18 incl.vat from our premises to the event and back.
Accomodation is for the client's account, if required.
*International travel and accommodation for the Activation Team is always for the client's account.
Delivery of kits internationally is also for the client's account.

Get in touch to arrange a demo, either via a video call or in person.


If you would like to donate in your personal capacity, please click here.