About Palesa Pads

We, at Palesa Pads, are committed to providing a sustainable solution to help


We manufacture high quality reusable sanitary pads made from cloth that are washable and therefore reusable for up to 5 years.

Around the world more and more ladies are realising that cloth pads are the better choice not only for the environment but also for their own personal health.

Comfort, Quality and Style. That is Palesa Pads.

Why Palesa Pads

• The design of Palesa Reusable Sanitary Pads provides maximum protection against leakage.

• The shape provides a much larger surface area to absorb blood and protect a girl from having an embarrassing accident.

• One pad can be worn for up to 8 hours depending on flow. The pad can be folded neatly and discreetly and taken home to wash with no smell in a girl’s school bag.

• Each pad also has a satin care label with washing and drying instructions.

• Packaging includes detailed graphical and written care instructions as well.



In April 2017, Shérie “Palesa” de Wet read an article about girls missing school due to a lack of sanitary pads.

The reality was horrifying and she started to think about all the other women in the world who also can’t afford sanitary pads and how they get through the month. Having been privileged enough to have had sanitary pads every month, Sherie decided that every girl deserves at least the same advantage. She set out to find a sustainable solution, and after six months of research and testing she launched version 12 of Palesa Reusable Sanitary Pads.

The first sponsorship of 30 girls took place in November 2017 and the business has grown tremendously since then.
To date* we have manufactured over 400,000 pads and provided FREE sanitary pads to more than 80,000 girls to keep them in school with dignity and pride.


Palesa Pads are hand made in South Africa by previously disadvantaged men and women whom we have upskilled through our in-house training

. We have created 49 jobs through the program. We are committed to manufacturing the best quality pads in Africa. Each pad is subjected to meticulous quality control to ensure that girls and women receive a beautiful kit that they can wash and reuse with dignity and pride for up to 5 years!

We currently distribute pads into the surrounding Southern African countries and in the future we hope to train local teams to continue in our stead


Our factory is based in Unit 31A Pilkington’s Industrial Park, Cnr Johan Le Roux Street and Morris Road, Meyerton Park (Farms), Meyerton, Gauteng but we are available to deliver pads throughout Africa.

We are committed to bringing you the best quality cloth pads because we believe that Every Girl deserves to be treated like a Princess
The pads are made by African women, helping to create employment in South Africa.

We are based in Meyerton but are available to distribute Palesa Reusable Pads throughout Africa.

Address: Unit 31A Pilkington’s Industrial Park, Cnr Johan Le Roux Street and Morris Road, Meyerton Park (Farms), Meyerton, Gauteng
Tel: 066 006 6359
+27 011 902 0359

Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:00
Saturdays: 08:30 to 14:30


Palesa Pads is a social enterprise that manufactures and distributes high-quality, reusable cloth sanitary pads in Southern Africa. Our pads are suitable for girls and women from all walks of life and are available to the public.

Through the Palesa Pads Foundation NPC we partner with corporate sponsors, individuals and non-profit organisations to provide FREE reusable sanitary pads to disadvantaged schoolgirls.


We aim to be the leader of the CLOTH PAD REVOLUTION in Africa and in the process restore dignity to millions of women and girls with every process in our supply chain. We envision a world where sanitary pad waste is a thing of the past. We do all we can to bring affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to every woman.


We plan to grow our footprint in Africa for sponsorship, retail and manufacturing through collaborative partnerships with a number of organisations. We focus on education and entertainment to change the face of periods, and help girls and women take control of their lives.

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